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My first visit to this tropical island  in the Caribbean Sea was around 1975.

I always remember the drive from the San Juan airport because of the distance we covered.   It took the taxi driver my grandfather had hired about four hours to get us to where we would be living.

It seemed we were never going to get to my grandfather’s house, we could have asked over and over, “Are we there yet?”, but we didn’t because that would have been seen as disrespectful.

Saying that we were suffering a cultural shock was an understatement! We had grown up between New York and Chicago.

Nevertheless, I’ve always thought that the moment I set eyes on these amazing mountains I fell spell-bound in love for the rest of my life.

I knew I would never leave if it would have been up to me.  The narrow and steep roads it took to get here were more than worth it!

my mountain

Sometimes life becomes a little like this.  The road gets rough, but when you finally arrive where you want to be it’s worthwhile.   The challenge of dealing with the  pot holes, narrow and steep roads you’ve  endured become milestones in your journey fulfilling your purpose in life.

It’s very easy to stop and make a u-turn and simply give up!  No matter what you want, this premise will remain the same along the way.  You will endure less pain, but also less satisfaction if you stop trying.  It can be that you need to get a medical treatment  or any other thing, that seem will never happen, so instead of pushing harder you simply say, -“Okay, this is it, or as we like to say “lo que sera, sera.”,.   Which means that what will be, will be.

I am a strong believer that accepting fate is being a coward! I don’t want to accept “lo que sera, sera”.

I know firsthand that life can and always will be able to overwhelm you and some days we are going to get up in the morning to be hit by punch after punch (from debt collectors to just bad news), but that doesn’t mean we can give up.

We need to push forward and if we can’t do it on our own, than we need to get help. There’s nothing much more to it.

a view from my backyard…

How many times in life do we face situations like this!

Taking the rough road has its price because everything in life comes with one, but I’ve always thought that sometimes you just need to risk it.  Stay strong while the going gets tough.  It’s not going to be easy, that’s when you need friends, family, and anybody that can give you a positive thought or a good wish.

These people will be who will fuel up your motor, who will pave your road making the ride much smoother.  These are the people who will hold you while the winds are blowing hard and strong.

They will lift your shoulders and push you forward , so when you finally get there (where ever it may be) you can raise your arm and touch the sky and feel that you’ve arrived home just like I did when I finally reached my destination!

Amiga mia, where’s  your destination?