Most insects give me goose bumps!  I’ve always detested roaches, more since my dear sibling came out with the atrocious idea of spraying me with roach perfume.  He would bottle up some roaches, add some water and Wa La!

Le  Cafards Parfum was born! He could have patented it for every mean little brother that ever lived on this planet.  Probably he would be filthy rich and the Army would have missed on the outstanding soldier he has been for the past twenty-five years.

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I still wonder why on Earth do cartoons and children programs depict these tiny and not so tiny creatures as friendly and with cute little things around them.  For instance, let’s look at mice.   I often see a program called Squeak, for Pete’s sake.  There three mice that dance, color, play with one another and live in a tick-tick house.

But, it doesn’t’ stop there.  Let’s not forget about Jerry, isn’t he cute and clever.

What about are tiny Pixar’s  chef, Ratatouille?

However, mice are not the least cute, or clever, or cooks for crying out loud!  They are disgusting little creatures that invade our homes in the middle of the night chewing their way in.   Or at least, that’s what happened to me.  This mouse or better said “rat” made a hole in my kitchen window screen and just hopped in and landed on my pristine stove top leaving mayhem behind.   

Is that outrageous or what?

Here I was eight o clock in the morning getting ready to go to church and dealing with all this crap.  Immediately I went in combat mode and began searching all over checking where the hell the atrocious creäture had left a track of bacteria and so many other diseases.

After I began getting everyone who lives with me up!  No one and I mean no one is going to be sleeping while I was on mouse patrol.

My kids weren’t happy, I can tell you that!

“Gee, mom get yourself a cat of something!!!!”

“A cat!”  I squeaked (yeah, isn’t it an irony), “Never again, been there, done that.”

Let me put you up to date here, I actually got once a cat (Miss Meaow) who only ate Wiskas and never ever caught a God damn mouse in eleven years!

via morgue file If someone finds me a cat like this one, I may consider adopting!

After an extensive investigation, I decided to go and buy eight mouse traps.  Placed them all in strategic places with some delicious cheese on top.  Guess what???

Not even one caught my home intruder!

I was up all night up to five in the morning, saw a couple of Hallmark countdown to Christmas movies (which were quite good) armed with my flash light in case I heard the devious fellow and NOTHING.

My husband slept all night without being bothered or bothering me for all it was worth (he’s not into mice patrol) and calmly informed me in the morning.

“Amores, he or she probably was looking for a dry place to crash and came in and out through the same hole.  Relax. ”   Easy for him to say, but tonight will be night number two on my patrol, if my home invader doesn’t come around I will file another cold case and get moving on my Christmas cleaning pronto!

So you see, doesn’t matter how tidy or sloppy you are  in fact,  any given time you may have a home invader just around the corner.