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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matter compared to what lies within us”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

It was like every other Sunday with the difference that Carlos had been admitted in the hospital during the week because he was retaining water by the gallons.  His belly was swollen and he wasn’t feeling good at all.

The children were driving me nuts, because they wanted to see their dad.

So, off I went after giving them lunch.  Since it’s about a forty minute drive, we were singing and talking and playing games about what they were seeing out of the window, on our way to  the hospital.


Carlos, Francisco and Stephanie around the time their dad got his transplant.

Early that morning I had colored some cards with them to take to their dad, and since only Steph was writing, she was in charge of the fine print.

They were all happy to be able to take something to their dad.

My mom as usual went with me to help me out with the tribe, and after I parked I set off to fetch Carlos so he could come down to the reception area to see his beloved children.

Hostess from founder of transplantfriends.com made this beautiful banner for me. Thanks you once again.

As the events unfolded the next day, I was so happy he was able to have the opportunity of hugging, kissing and sharing a special moment with all three of them.  They were and always will be the light of his heart.  Little did we know that he wouldn’t be seeing them again until four months down the road and that those three card board home-made cards would become his link to reality as they drove him back to consciousness  after his surgery (I taped them to his bed after he came out of his transplant).

That’s why we need to be extra careful with today, because we just don’t have a clue if this will be our day before tomorrow.  It can even sound silly, because you’d probably say “everyday is the day before tomorrow”.  Yes it is true, but some tomorrow’s are not any ordinary tomorrow’s.  (That’s a great tongue twister!). There special because they mark important events in our lives.

He would need every ounce of what he had inside to help him get through all those awful weeks that lied before him.  Our children’s visit was the gasoline that kept him going.

What lives inside of us?   What was living inside of him during that difficult time?

His buddies grief and pain made space for  the innocence and candor of his three small children as he tucked them deep inside his heart, not knowing he would need each ounce of them to pull him through tomorrow.