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“There are signs everywhere.”

Would you chose to believe or not this premise is a personal choice.

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The truth is that this short sentence is repeated during the movie “Bruce Almighty” a couple of times.  The problem was that Bruce couldn’t see the signs or didn’t want to see them.  This happens to us often.

I have always chosen to believe in signs.  Call me naïve, innocent, or just plain stupid I really don’t mind at all.

Yesterday was one of those days I stumbled upon one.

I took my in-laws to the nearby hospital where my father in law was going to be admitted for a salvage treatment of five days, and since he was thirsty, he asked me to buy him a soda, while we waited for the escort to come pick him up.

I went to a close deli, but didn’t find the brand he usually likes and asked a woman there to help me.  She was very attentive, but told me that she was sorry because none were left in the coolers.  She offered on the other hand, to get me a can that wasn’t yet in the cooler and offered some ice.  I told her that it was okay, that I would only buy the bottle of water because I was in a hurry because I needed to get back to the hospital.

Since she had been really nice, I didn’t want to rude so I answered when she asked about my patient.  You know the normal questions, what’s wrong with him???  I answered that he had cancer and just wanted to pay and get going.

But, as it goes after I said cancer, here comes the obliged question, Where?

I can’t even remember what I said, I gestured something that looked like all around and was already paying and leaving.  When she told me, you know my sister had lymphatic cancer.  She went on to tell me how bad it got for her and that she was left in the bare bone, (Gee, here it comes I thought now she’s going to tell me that she passed away.) and then she told me she’s fine now.  She got a bone marrow transplant and was able to survive cancer.

You know, when she said lymphatic cancer, she stopped me on my track.  My father in law’s cancer is lymphatic.

I wanted to keep on listening to her story, but really had to leave.

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I stopped for a moment at the door, and thought about asking for her phone number,  but, didn’t do it.

The thing is that I felt better after our short and obliged conversation.  Something about all what she told me gave me hope.  I thought just for a split second, maybe that’s the way we need to go with all this.  Maybe we’re doing something wrong, and we just need to get on track.  My father in law’s new oncologist also mentioned the possibility of a transplant when another doctor had discarded it.

Could it be possible?

When I talk about signs, I’m not really talking about something specific, but an incident, a phrase, a person, a prayer, anything that helps me understand what’s happening and that may lead me towards the right path.

Probably some of you may think that signs are in the same league as destiny and simply chose to think that me make up our own destiny and that signs can lead us towards the wrong passage.

However since life is about our own choices, I chose to believe.  Anything and everything that points toward a glimpse of hope is worth while checking and I’ve heard about nobody that hasn’t felt uplifted and simply good after hope of a better outcome begins growing back into our hearts.  Feeling defeated is the first step towards just losing the war, we may lose a few battles along the way we just can’t let our lost battles win us over.

Christopher Reeve said it, “Once you choose hope anything is possible.”

Which are your signs?