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Most of the time hearing things we don’t want to deal with is difficult and challenging.

People react in different ways and to tell you the truth in ways that sometimes leave us dumb folded because it’s not what we expected or simply want to hear.

Sometimes if what is being said is too hard to take in, we usually have to ask the person we are talking with to repeat it because for a split second we may not even be able to fully comprehend what is being said.

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Probably everyone passes through the same stages of denial, frustration and even anger for about everything related with something we just can’t control. Then, after all the fuss we turn towards what we can’t fully explain, but if you’re like me (a believer) is a part of us, FAITH.

Faith can be many things, for all us it may even have a different meaning.

Nevertheless, it’s something we bring out when everything else seems to have failed.

It definitely  can get us through the rapids of life.

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Faith is like our raft, it’s going to take us through the rushing waters to a place where the river becomes calm and peaceful.

Dealing with cancer in something like that.

When you receive good news its easy to hold on to your faith, however,  when you face terrible ones it becomes elusive as it plays hide and seek with us.

Our faith has many faces and becomes whatever we need in the moment of our need.  None the less, believing that things will get better is sometimes the only thing we have left.

Some would say that all of this is bolony, that life is what it is and that’s that. But, how do you deal with our emotional being that suffers and desperately cries for solutions that our logic tells us that they don’t exist.  You can go mad just by trying!

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However, using your faith to get through what ever it is you need to get through doesn’t mean you don’t have to accept the specific circumstances of your predicament, it only means that it’s going to help you get through them without destroying yourself through the process.

Life certainly is a mystery.

We can’t control most of the things that happen to us, but we surely can control our choices in what to believe in.

I’m not saying that you should find your closest church and visit it today, but to find the essence of your person and reach in to what you believe in. Then, if you want and if you need the comfort others can offer you that also believe in a greater God “go for it”.

This doesn’t work for everyone!

For some just reaching in and finding peace with yourself and with life is enough surrounded by those who love you unconditionally.

Whatever works for you is fine. It’s all about getting through the tough times and just waiting for the moment are waters are peaceful once again.  My grandmother would always say “no hay mal que dure cien a~os ni pellejo que lo resista.”  Which means tough times will never last a lifetime basically because we are not capable of enduring that amount of hardship.

Things eventually will get better. It’s just a matter of waiting for it to happen.