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First of all I’ll like to explain what MG stands for.  It’s a short version for Myasthenia Gravis, which I like by the way more than the complete medical term.  MG is short and has a fun twist to it, it’s like having a bit of fun with the mystery of people finding out what it means.

A lot of people are familiar with MS (which stands by the way for Multiple Sclerosis). When I want to get through to people who ask me I simply say that MG is MS’s cousin.  Sorry my MS buddies (specially Cathy Chestner) for that little detour trying to explain what MG really is.

We’ve had pretty hot temperatures for the last couple of days, and for people with Myasthenia Gravis extreme hot or cold puts a lot of stress on our medical conditions.

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Today with a soaring 103 (93 and heat index going towards the 103 degrees) my muscles began to protest and scream,

What the hell is going on?????

I feel we went to the beach.. but missed on the spectacular views or sunset!!!!!

photo credit Melissa Segarra

photo credit Melissa Segarra

As the day went on I felt my fingers, arms and legs stiffen with the familiar feel of it’s a matter of time before the limping began.

I’ve been so tired that my fingers have been acting as if they had no life in them.  I’ve almost thrown every thing on the floor except the baby (thank God).  Today  I left the comfort of my home to go over to my mom’s even more hotter house so she can help me out with the baby.  NOT FUNNY!

Even now twenty some years after, I have to pass through the excruciating pain of having her tell her how I need to feed my baby boy,  Again NOT FUNNY!

The only thing that kept me going was the fact that by five I’d be home.  Gee, what a relief when my boys were on their way and I didn’t need to say any longer.

Hopefully tomorrow the day will be less hot.