“The call”

How many of you know the meaning of, “the phone call”?  Not any call, but the one who delivers the news you just can’t cope with.

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Every time my beloved husband was admitted in the hospital due to his liver cirrhosis and I left him to come home I was scared to death to receive a call from the hospital informing me that something was wrong and that I needed to get back there immediately.

It’s something I don’t care to revisit, but last week my sister-in-law reminded me about it.  She was terrified I would call my in-laws to tell them something had gone wrong.  So as it goes, I thought everyone dreads this type of call.  Probably to the point to feel sick in their stomachs.  To this day, even if more than twenty years have passed, she still feels anxiety when her phone rings during the night.

Probably we’re all tuned in because just a few days earlier we had been talking about how much she dreaded those calls in the middle of the night.

My father in law has been struggling with his cancer during the past two years and it seems to be relapsing and he’s pretty weak, even though we thought he was better these days.

Last week, my brother-in-law called me and asked me to get in touch with my husband because he needed to come home.  As he delivered his news on the phone, I literally felt dizzy.  immediately I questioned what was going on, and he just said he didn’t know.  Something was wrong with his dad, and he had called 9/11.

My mind went blank.

What would happen?  How would be husband react?  Who could I call?

I tried to reach him on his cel phone, which proved to be impossible and tried to call his work area.  I didn’t know who to call.  Which as the events unfolded proved to be unacceptable.  We didn’t know it at the time, but we were actually drilling for a future event that would not hold the same outcome as this one.  Why?

Basically because this time around, his glucose levels had hit rock bottom.  Something very normal for cancer patients that receive multiple chemo therapies.  The worst part probably is that he’s heading for his fourth round of chemo’s next week.

Going back to my husband, I finally reached him and he was able to deal with his brother with the ongoing situation. After that, he made sure to punch all his closest co-workers and his boss’s number on my cel.

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Do we need to prepare ourselves for the “call”?  Hell, YES!  When emergency call on our doors we need to stand high to the challenge and work with whatever is necessary.  Is is hard?  Hell, YES!  But, there is no other way to tackle what ever is ahead of us.

All of us react different when faced with emergencies.

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But all of us should have a common denominator, to be able to work with the moment forgetting about our own grief and putting others before us.  It’s easier when we do it this way.  When a person is reeled in an emergency room unconscious is not the time to scream I love you to his or her ear, its way before that we need to tell them how important they are and have been in our lives and with a tender kiss whisper in their ear that we have loved them with all our heart.

This of all things  is what will help us face the “dreaded” call and deal with whatever we need to.

3 thoughts on ““The call”

  1. We should absolutely be willingly to drop everything to help a friend or family member in crisis. We have forgotten that the “Golden Rule” should rule our lives. If we are too busy to help a friend during a true crisis, then perhaps we are just to busy.

    1. Hi Julia thanks for your comment and yes now a days we can be blamed of being to busy. Such a pity, if you ask me. We should always be there for family and most of all for our friends. Life would be easier. Thanks again for taking time to read and comment on my blog.



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