Voices of Faith

Being a mom has its moments!

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The best part of them are when you are comforted by your grown up children and receive words that make you feel in peace with yourself and the world that surrounds you.

Today my son (which turns 21 this next October), told me “Mom, you’re a woman of faith.  Everything will be fine.”.  He reminded me of something I’ve forgotten.  Faith has always played a huge part of who I am and today I realized that I’ve neglected it to an obscure little corner of my life.

I’ve taught all my children the joys of living through things you believe in.

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Not all of them share my view of God, or the world in fact.  Yet, they recognize through their words that faith has been my dear companion through the harsh realities of my childhood and the troubles and joys of my adult life.

When did I begin losing my faith?  Is that even possible?

Today I faced the reality that my faith nor has been lost nor diminished.  Faith is a gift that lives inside you until the very day we die.

I am a women of faith.

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My dear son just reminded me of all the wonderful things faith has done to my life.  Just to mention a few, it helped me endure a VERY dysfunctional upbringing, it kept me company while I waited patiently for my husband’s liver transplant, it comforted me when I faced the uncertainly of becoming a very young widow with two toddlers and an infant to care for, it carried me through endless nights caring for a very ill spouse, it supported me through my own boy’s struggle with Celiac disease, and it has been constantly carrying me through my illness.

Without my strong faith I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off.

Instead of my beautiful faith I would have drowned into a severe depression.

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I can happily say that today I have found my way through the eyes of my dear son.

My faith in believing that things will get better and that  there is a dear Shepard that stands right next to me when things go wrong and jumps in joy when my circumstances are better.

Thank you Lord, for always being there for me and my family.  Not only my husband and children, but for my brother and parents.

Life indeed is a mystery, but it’s darn well worth living it!  We are what we believe in and I’ve always believed in the good of life and its endless opportunities of learning from our mistakes.

Probably the best part of it all is that it has absolutely nothing to do with religion!!!  So, how much better can it get?

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