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Recently I read a post on FB that talked about honesty and how it wasn’t related at all with marriage or any other sort of relationship.

It basically said that “….I don’t believe in marriage, but I do believe in honesty…”.

It has kept me ticking ever since, and it’s been a good two or more weeks since I read it.  To top it all it had a good number of likes.

Is that our reality?

Isn’t honesty an essential element of our marriages?

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If your answer is NO, don’t worry it’s not the end of the world!  All you need to do is build new bridges of communication with your significant other and include honesty.  Doing the honest thing is the hardest thing of it all.

You don’t have to necessarily have an affair to become the despicable dishonest one, it can be as simple as avoiding hard topics just because you’re not honest enough to discuss the issues.

Having an honest to God confrontation doesn’t hurt any relationship it helps mend fences if you ask me.

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Because when everything is said and in the open we will face our issues and deal with them as earnestly as we can.  That’s when we are faced with the wonderful opportunities of reconstructing a relationship that has gone wrong.

Well, if you want to.

For some not dealing with their issues is just an excuse for broken relationships, then you would need to ask yourself,  who is the dishonest one here?

Marriage is basically a life sentence with someone of our choosing.  Since it’s a life venture honesty is crucial for its success.  Even if being honest brings a bit of hurt to one of us.  Marriage is the first stone in building a family.  When the couple suffers, the family that was built because of it also suffers.

A movie that portrays this cause and effect relationship would be It’s Complicated because even though their children seemed to be fine with their parent’s divorce the sparkle of hope that is born when they witness their parents new relationship is heart breaking.

Children don’t need to be a casualty of any broken relationship.

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Next time you want to fiddle with the concept of honesty in our relationships, please let’s give ourselves a hard look from inside out and maybe we will be able to see that if we were honest with our significant others all the time our relationships would be healthy even if we did part along the way.

Honesty is an important part  of all our relationships, let’s just not forget it.