The Joy of Moving On

Today as I waited for Ian to come out of Sunday School, I talked a while with an outstanding woman who became a widow nine months ago.  Precisely a day like today nine months ago her beloved husband of forty plus years passed away as he enjoyed his Sunday nap.

She told me,

-“Today is one of the those days that I feel I can hold on to my blanket forever.”  With tears in her eyes.

I hugged her without really knowing why because I wasn’t thinking about her husband’s sudden death and I know her on a very superficial level.  Maybe it was because I was the only one there and she needed to get it off her chest,  I really don’t know, but  she continued to say,

-“It’s been precisely nine months since he left.”

I hugged her even more, and replied quietly, “we need to move on you know”.  These were the best words I could find out of the blue, even though it made me feel uncomfortable.

Yet after she nodded and went inside the church, I recollected that they were true.  We do need to move on when facing harsh situations in life.

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She’s living through a situation that will  probably take all her  energy, making  sense and adjusting to a completely new life. She will have to go through the agonies and joys of constructing a new life for herself.    She’s not really alone when she states that she wanted to hold her blanket forever.  Some of us have had to do exactly the same thing.

Some days all of us have felt we can also cling on to our blankets for a lifetime.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged because I haven’t been feeling myself lately.  I haven’t been well, and even if this is nothing new to me because this is part of having a chronic illness it still hurts the same.  You just have to cling on to the days where you feel you are healthy and hold your part while you’re not feeling so great.

Precisely those are the days where I want to hold on my blanket forever, waiting while the storm passes.

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For each one of us our storms are different.

For me maybe it’s my illness, for others it could be  financial, family or work related issues.   Nevertheless, we also need to apply the same premise, “we need to move on”.

We should learn from nature, to every stormy night a beautiful sunrise will come up no matter what.  All we need to do is uncover our heads and watch its spectacular display and apply it to our own life.

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My dear friend, today will be over and tomorrow will come with its amazing  beauty and you will rise and move on. Maybe with the tingle of pain, but nobody said that life was easy, right?

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