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I’ve heard many times over the years that children are the innocent victims of divorce.

This can be avoided if both parents take time to talk to their children and put their animosity aside for just a moment.  It’s important to remember that children have nothing to do with the divorce.  You know how basically everything is written out For Dummies, well divorce also has a slot there.

For Dummies presents a series of simple suggestions that you could of come up with by yourself, but maybe are to overwhelmed to think about.

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As adults we are teaching our children how to deal and face problems in life.  In many occasions children act with more maturity than their parents.

Well, you can be thinking, “What makes you an expert on divorce, you are married?”.

Yes, this is true but years dealing with children coming from broken relationships maybe has rubbed some experience on me.  Keep in mind that children don’t understand many of the problems their parents may have.

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We automatically think about small children, but even young adults facing their parents divorce can act up in a way that shows their disapproval.  For instance, some time ago I was discussing with my 22-year-old son a recent breakup in our family and he told me,

“If you and Dad get divorced I would move out by myself.  I wouldn’t live with you or with him.”  In other words, he would not want to deal with anything related to our imaginary divorce.

Small children and adolescents don’t have this choice.   So, it’s very important that parents are open and cooperative with one another.

If you did indeed begin your divorce with the wrong foot it’s never to late to make amends.  You can repair the damage you’ve done talking honestly and openly about everything that’s happening.

Coming myself from a dysfunctional family I would have preferred my parents would have gotten a divorce and not stayed married throughout the years because my brother and myself became a casualty of a broken relationship that stayed together.  Which is by far worse than filing for a divorce!

If you are considering a divorce, be very careful with how and what you do because children don’t have to be a broken relationship’s casualty.


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