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I Commit to  Giving & Sharing

A couple of years ago, I tried (but really not hard enough) to give my community’s children with free tutoring in subjects like Math and English.

It all began as a dream to try to begin a program that would continue even when I wasn’t around. I failed horribly! Probably because I lost faith in my dream.

One of the key points of the program was to engage parents in their children’s learning process. For this to happen they would attend workshops and conferences.

In one of the activities we had that year, the children that I tutored with the help of some other volunteers, colored and cut these hands where they committed to giving and sharing with others.

Where are they now?

What happened with my commitment?

Is it to late to give and share?

Probably it was during these time that my faith began tumbling. It went downhill as I saw other people who participated with me in the program take u-turns and forget that Jesus came in the form of a man to give and share never taking the easy way out.

Probably when my church came up with the idea of charging a minimal fee for our tutoring program was when it went totally downhill. I believed in the power of FREE! My mentoring and guidance was intended as a gift, not a service.

I should have stayed under a tree and simply let children come and help them get around tough times in school.

It would have been a better choice for my dreams.

The great news is that it’s never to late to recapture a dream.