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Each time I come across a bridge in the highway I recall watching in horror on my television how cars disappeared into an empty space after a major quake in California about twenty or something years ago.


photo credit Stephanie Quintana

Certainly it’s not something we can forget that easily.

When a bridge is built it’s because there is a  need to cross from one point to another to connect a path.   Right?

How many times during life are we forced to go from point A towards point B?  It would become easier if we constructed emotional bridges strong enough to transport us from one place to another with ease.

As cars plunged into an empty space falling unmerciful taking their occupants with them to the graveyard, that’s how our own lives plunge into despair when we fail to build bridges strong enough to endure strong emotional earthquakes that life brings to us unexpectedly.

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Trying to make our bridges work efficiently is a challenge because we don’t know how strong our problems are or will be.  A great way to begin is building a strong emotional backbone.  A key ingredient (at least for me) is knowing that I can’t control everything that happens to me or my family.

On the other hand, there is a couple of things we CAN control which are our choices in life.  Be careful with those, some have consequences we will carry through our life.

Another important part is having faith in something or someone.  It doesn’t matter who it is as long as you believe and never lose hope.

Many people regard hope as a futile exercise because they think that it’s something the weak hold on to prove their belief that things will get better.  I can’t live without hope.  It’s my emotional set of lungs.

I breathe through hope.

Another part of our bridge would be a network of friends and family that care for who you are and what’s going on in your life.   Don’t get me wrong, not all friends or family, but those who give us a break and support us during our lives forming an unbreakable circle.

That circle is connected by the best and most durable steel.

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Life is dynamic because things, people, and events are always moving around us.   In other words, life never stops until we do.

The horrific memory of the cars plunging is put away with those of the desperate people who threw themselves from the Twin Towers on September 11.  It’s a reminder of how I want to  live my life  everyday.  Tim McGraw sums it up nicely in his song “Live As You Were Dying”.

Embrace life with joy even when it’s not good to you.  Nobody ever said that life would come without thorns.  Cross the bridges when you need to avoid plunging into situations where there is no return.

Never stop believing and always have hope that “things can only get better”.