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When we face life related issues we usually opt for believing in something, ANYTHING in fact.  We plead, pray, shout or simply whisper to who ever is out there.

During our lifetime we face different beliefs and religions and chose one.

Yet,  are we walking through our own chosen pathway, or is it one someone else chose for us?

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If you saw The Life of Pi,  you probably heard that Pi called out to God, Shiva, and many other deities.  I would think he covered them all.  He was desperate, his life was coming to an end.  He faced his fears and moved on.  Probably, that’s one of the things that I liked best about the movie.

The sea was forgiving sometimes and brutal the next.  That’s how life is, forgiving when we are able to live through happy moments and brutal when we face difficulties and tragedies as well.

What do we believe in any way?

It’s funny though how some of us are crazy using our beliefs against anything or anyone that isn’t like us.

We stand firmly behind them and charge like savage bulls against homosexuals, homeless, drug addicts, our lousy neighbors, our relatives, and any other person who doesn’t share our view on religion or life itself.

In this specific element, we are very sure in what we believe in?

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Do you really think that whatever deity you have chosen to believe in cares if you talk to others when the service is over?

That’s another thing, the nonsense of rituals.

Our beliefs are not set in stone, we change them often as we go through life.  If you do believe in a single all mighty God, do you really think He cares that you talk a bit in the building where people unite to adore him?  Probably I’ll guess He’s more concerned about our morals or ethics in life.

What do you believe in?

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Today is Sunday, a great day to go outside and take a look at what surrounds us and just marvel on the fact that whatever it is we believe in or whoever it is, life is a darn marvelous thing.

Nature is one of our major gifts and we should do everything and anything we can to cherish and preserve it because it’s a gift bestowed on humanity.

No matter our rituals or in how few or  many gods we believe in, not taking care of this marvelous blue ball we call Earth will be our major and most unforgivable sin ever.

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Don’t you believe?