photo credit Anthony Toro

A friend took this amazing picture of the river that crosses very close from where his mom lives.

This beautiful mountain is situated in the western coast of Puerto Rico.  It’s called Corcovada, which is the feminine form of Corcovado which is a Portuguese word for hunchback.

Corcovado is a mountain in central Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

via Wikipedia Rio de Janeiro Corcovado

If the Spanish were the responsible for naming this place in Puerto Rico, it wouldn’t surprise me that when they came across this mountain in one of the highest parts of the Municipality they would have also named it the same.

Maybe it was Corcovado at the beginning and ended up being called Corcovada.

The truth is it has breathtaking views and many who have come to visit always say,

“I feel I can reach out and touch the sky.”

I’m more than blessed to live in this tropical paradise, way up in the mountain.  Where I can see the Carribbean Sea on a clear day when traveling through Rd. 108 towards the city of Mayaguez.

Who ever did it, thanks for naming this beautiful mountain I call home, Corcovada.