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All of us feel the pressure at some point of trying to remain or at least look young.

I’ve heard the forties are the new thirties, or the fifties are the new forties.  The thing is that the trends are trying to create a false sense of you are ten years younger.  Yeah! Right! It’s not that easy.

Everyone is concerned about the weight.

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Or concerned about which cream is better for your skin.

Or about what exercise routine is best.

Well, at least everyone I know that is older than thirty.

It’s gotten so bad that we’re up to anything to meet the perfect look.  We diet, exercise, use every trendy product for our skin (Yesterday I almost bought Garnier’s new skin product that miraculously erases wrinkles in a second,well at least that was what the beauty specialist in Walgreen told me!) and we strive for the right attitude.  It’s our new rat race, it’s a darn competition.

I was just checking my Twitter account and guess what?  I got a follow from someone called Luzanne Van Wyk (Cheat Aging), she promises her products will make you looking fifteen years younger in a month.  She sure is popular because she has 2,863 followers vs. my puny 42.  That should tell us something!

Some would go as far as to having cosmetic surgery.  Not only at the face, but also getting the boobs where they belong or used to be, or tucking our tummies in, and man do anything it takes to get us back where we used to be.


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For me at least, it’s because I want to look good, nevertheless I can’t overlook that I’m turning 48 in just six in a half months.  I’m on the dreaded curve of turning fifty.  Wow! Half a century!  If a die at the average age, I only have left thirty more years.  Isn’t that scary?

My mom told  me that after seventy you’re living on free time.

The nitty-gritty truth is that we’re scared of getting old.  All of us say “Hey, you got stay fit.  I’m in it because I want to be healthy.”  Yeah well I’ll say that’s kind of “bull card”.  Most of us want to look at the mirror and say “Hey, I look bad ass gooooood.”

Where do we draw the line?

Probably when it’s getting out of control.  We should age with grace and elegance.  I’m not 25, not even 35 for Pete’s sake, but I’m going to embrace my 47 for all their worth.  It’s all about staying out of the rat race.  It’s getting there on my own terms.  Just because we’re aging doesn’t mean our lives are on the down fall, it’s more about celebrating who we are today.  Even if our tummies aren’t as firm as they used to be.

Each season in our lives is different.  It’s time to let go of our race to look  eternally young because it could get exhausting.  It’s all about perception and how we interact with our older version of our younger one.  Some separate them without understanding they need to be united because if not, who are we then?

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We,  my friends are like a great vintage wine that “can only get better”.