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Some may say that dreams are pure nonsense.  Others may add that life can’t be based on them, or that they simply just don’t believe in them.

But where do you think great things we enjoy today began?

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When Ben Franklin invented the first pair of spectacles, where do you think the idea came from?

Where do you think Dr. Martin Luther King got the idea of racial equality and justice from?

Where do you think great artists see their painting before anyone else does?

I can probably go on for a while here, but the point is that these people first saw and thought about these things in their hopes, aspirations, and in what they wanted to believe in.  In other words, in their dreams.

Many of us like to link the term dream with the impossible.  However, our aspirations are possible if we make them happen.

Reality hits us more often than it should sometimes and personal circumstances limit our dreams in many occasions, yet that shouldn’t stop us from trying.

It’s all about never stopping believing in what we want for ourselves.

Yesterday a dear friend told me, “You know for some people nighttime and daytime have no difference.”  What does this exactly mean?

Roughly translated, they live their lives with no difference, every single moment of the day is characterized by inertia.  They become objects in rest,  doing  nothing to improve their life!  They simply exist, they pass through this wonderful life without really enjoying what is out there for everyone.

Mom loves the saying, “El sol sale para todos.”  Which means that the sun comes up every morning for all.

All of us have the same opportunity each day to do something not only for ourselves, but for others as well.  What we do about it is only are responsibility.  It’s easy to make others accountable for our decisions, yet at the end it’s all about what we did that counts.

Our dreams become our fuel in life because they make us keep going.  They make us better people, and help us bear with life’s ups and downs.

Please, don’t stop believing!   Remember “It can only get better.”.