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Both my parents hit the 70 mark and they are facing life as elders.  Each time I see and hear what they say to me or my children I can appreciate how old they are getting.  Now a days I need to talk to them slowly, so I’m sure they understand me fully.  The days where I could talk quick and they would follow are long gone.

Days like today make me think about my brother.  He left my parents home many years ago, and made a life for himself and his family in the States, it’s been a while since he’s been home and I miss him a bit more now a days.  It’s only me and them.

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I usually go over to mom’s a couple of times during the day, just to check everything is fine.

Today I had already called a couple of times and had went over at noon to check on some labs and medicines she had been prescribed.

After I got home my mom called that she had burned herself with boiling water.

My dad rushed over to get a lotion I had for burns.

I rushed over to my mom’s house to check on her.

I just couldn’t figure what and how it had happened.  I saw myself doing the same thing over and over in the future.  That’s when it finally hit me, both my parents will need more attention than what  I already give them.

Even though I find myself repeating the same thing a couple of times before I need to leave, now I know to make sure they fully understand what I’m trying to say to them.  The worst part is that my dad is a bit obtuse on his own opinion.

Down the road I know it will be tough being in charge of my parent’s care, but honoring my parents begins now and stops the day they no longer are with me.

There is just no other way.