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This afternoon as my mother in law colored my hair she said, “Every day is a blessing”.

What she meant was that every single day without exception is a blessing.  I answered that not always are days were blessings, to which she affirmed that for her there were no exceptions.   It was like when you knew for sure,  that after a storm a rainbow will always appear.

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I remained quiet and thought about the tough days she’s had to face in her life.  To be honest, I don’t share her insight.  Yet I truly respect her because I know she means it.  As an answer to my thoughts, she began talking about her troubles in life and how she’s faced them along the way.

She affirmed once again, “Every day is a blessing.”

The day her mom passed away, or the day she learned her first-born son had end stage liver disease, or the day her husband was diagnosed with cancer, or the day her,  just turned 18-year-old  middle child,  left home to live with a woman 11 years his senior without saying goodbye, and so many other days this amazing woman has had to live through.

Her faith is like a rock.

How does she pull it off?

Is she naïve?

Is this what faith is all about?

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We search for answers in our path through  life and once in a while we stumble across people who teach us lessons no one else can.  Lessons of love, faith and compassion.

Through her faith I received the unique opportunity of sharing a  strong moment of peace and devotion.  Her life is a testimony of what living by God’s grace is.

Which only leads me to think about my faith and how it plays into my life.   Rhetoric questions that we only can answer.

What about your faith?  What place does it have in your life?

Questions, questions and more questions.   Life should have a huge question mark on top, because it’s all about being true to yourself even if it’s once in a while.