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I just finished watching the movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

What an inspiring movie!

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Some may say, the movie is totally out of reality.  Good grief, a boy who has leaves on his legs and came straight out of nowhere.  However, when we lose our capacity of dreaming the impossible we lose a bit of the wonder of living.  Life is a transitory thing, why do we insist on thinking we are eternal? We may not express it out loud, but are actions say more than a thousand words.

Timothy sucked in soccer, and his coach once asked him, why he was smiling?  Obviously with very poor athletic skills the coach thought he didn’t have a reason to smile, to which he replied,  “because it can only get better…”.

How many times in our lives we feel defeated and simply just let go?  It’s horrible to feel you’re losing a battle.   The reasons are broad as life itself.  For instance, it could be because of weight, emotional, financial, parenting, or work problems or difficulties.  Nevertheless, if we think about it, Timothy was totally right, it can only get better.

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All we need to do is believe it will,  with an honest approach.

Picking up the pieces of shattered dreams is hard, but doable.  It’s all about tackling it with optimism and a child’s attitude.  We should look at children and how they approach their problems, they don’t dwell too much about them and move on pretty quickly.  To make things even better they also forget relatively quickly.  As we become adults we lose that capacity.

I’m not sure what you’ll do with these piece of advice, but I will apply to myself the premise of “If you preach it, claim it”.  I’m going to tackle my problem of the moment,  thinking that it can only get better, and try to find a way to make that happen.  I’ll forget about my pride, prejudice, or any other petulant thing and only focus on the good of people and while I’m on that look for the bright side of any situation.

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We have to put a fight to prevent us from falling deeper into the sea of negativity.  A great way surely would be repeating our new mantra “it can only get better” as our life saver.