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Facebook is a great social media resource and its main purpose is to keep people connected.   Family  shouldn’t use it  to communicate, and parents should never post comments on their children’s posts. 


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I’ll even take it a step further, I’m not such a fan of publicizing on Facebook because once in a while I blog about things that  maybe someone can become offended by.  Anyhow, here it goes.

I’ve sat on the same pew for almost thirty years with the same person next to me (my dear husband), and basically with the same people behind me and in front of me.  I’ve seen many grow from children to teenagers to young and middle age adults.  And I’ve heard my fair share of preachers. 

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Each Sunday that I’ve sat there, I’ve tried to listen to whoever has talked in the presbytery and even if I’ve doubted many of the things said there, I’ve been polite enough to stay quiet, and  listen.  Since smartphones entered our lives, some of us have trouble turning the darn things off.  To the point that some of us are texting and looking at our FB accounts as the service goes on.

As an irony, the other day someone who attends my same church was talking about how blessed it felt when peace surround you each Sunday.

When I read the post, I thought “You have to be kidding me?”.   The person who posted this is basically looking at the phone during the service and on tops is always late for church.  Good grief, how wrong can this be?  If not, is talking to anyone sitting in the same pew.

My son resumed it in a simple sentence, “If you preach it, claim it.”  Which roughly translates in live up  to what you speak or shut up.

It’s  easier to live up to what we believe in if we genuinely believe in it.  Many times we spend a lifetime having others tell us what to  believe in and lead scripted lives about what’s right or wrong.  We set ourselves up for disappointment, but there is nobody else to blame than ourselves.

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Facebook reflects how generic we are.

I’m never been such a fan, but neither am I a hater.  I simply use Facebook to  see my brother and my niece and nephew once in  a while.  It’s a guilty pleasure, but what can I say other than use the cliche,   blood is thicker than water.    If it wasn’t for Facebook I would have little to nothing of his thoughts or life and I appreciate it for what it is. 

Getting to know ourselves it our hardest task, but it’s worth the trouble of learning.  When we finally get there, we’ll probably be capable of preaching and claiming who we are inside and out without giving a hoot about anyone’s opinion.