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Have you ever heard of Spring cleaning almost at the end of Summer?

Many would certainly answer with a loud NO!

However, today was my designated day (randomly chosen)  for Spring cleaning.  Since this  year when Spring got around, I couldn’t get going with all the cleaning and sorting that it usually entails.

I was dealing with empty nest issues.

I needed not only to clear my house from the cobwebs, but also my mind had a few that were worth dusting as well.

Some time ago I came across a great article written by Penelope Green in which she talks about the benefits deep cleaning can do to receive great energy around your house and person as well.  Scrubbing your walls and your life can have its perks.

I’m sure your not surprised  that my daughter’s room was first on my list because of my Empty Nest Syndrome.  I was waiting for her to boomerang back home this month, but it seems she’s starting a new life elsewhere.

I dusted, wiped, vacuumed and put all her stuff away hoping it would also cleanse my soul of my selfish feelings of wanting her back home.   That places me in the bad mummy’s group for sure!

Then I moved on to my room and closet.  Wow!  They  were a zillion cobwebs hidden in the closets and underneath the box springs of our beds!!!!!

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It surprised me  because I consider myself a tidy person and wouldn’t have imagined that so much dust was hidden everywhere.     Let’s see if with all this positive energy my groove comes back.  Nobody said menopause was easy, if you know what I mean!

As I cleaned myself through all the dust, cobwebs, dust mites and so many other disgusting things.  I thought that life sometimes would be easier if we scrubbed the walls of our core the same way we scrub our house.

With the right mind frame I could also vacuum away some of my  own life’s cobwebs.  REGRET would be first runner-up!

Cleaning it away would be great, but without forgetting what made me feel regret (don’t forget about the learning process).  If we’re feeling this it’s probably because we’ve done something we didn’t want to and that we’re not particularly proud of.  My major regret was losing a dear friend over something as stupid as money.

How can I clean it away?  For sure it’s going to take more than forgiveness (I was forgiven by her), or at least I liked to think I was.  Nevertheless, it hasn’t taken the regret away.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t forgiven myself.

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Another cobweb could more than be STUBORNNESS.

Gee, do we need to get rid of this one.  Most of the time stubbornness gets us in trouble because it makes you stay in a place you know deep down is wrong, but you just don’t want to admit it.   Imagine knowing you need to wipe it off clean, but you’re as stubborn as a mule  to do anything about it?

The best way would be becoming accepting and tolerant.  Both virtues will get us through almost anything.  They will come in handy  as we  face our wrong doing and divert to better and greener pastures.   To make things even better, we could even get a make over for our  mule faces.

One more cobweb would be SELFISHNESS.

In our globalized world there is so much to do, and so few are willing to put in the work.  It certainly would be great if we would replace this cobweb with generosity.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we need to give away what we have worked hard to get, but to open our hearts and see what things we can share with others that have so little.

Recently I’ve had to begin counting calories because I’ve gained a few pounds and since I suffer from a  chronic neuromuscular disease I can’t get heavy because mobility becomes an issue.  So, each time my scale points at the end side of the 140’s  I need to get on a diet quickly.  As I prepared my dinner, my son pointed out to me  that we could count calories because food wasn’t an issue.  So true!

With our mental and life cobwebs cleared it’s time to focus our energy on helping others.  Giving is better than receiving because it basically makes you feel good.

Bottom line, life and cobwebs do have a lot in common because our life even though fine has enough hidden issues that are more than worth trying to clean up.  The cleansing is sure to bring personal wellbeing and tons of energy into our lives.

Which are the cobwebs in your life that  you’re willing to clean up?