Yesterday I was presented with a versatile blogger award, and to tell you the truth I felt pretty flattered.

However, there was a problem.  I didn’t know how to do half of the things I needed to.  I overcame my embarrassment, thanked Christy of Kids “R” Simple and told her that:

  • I didn’t know how to back link; or
  • Place the Award on my blog.

She kindly responded with all the necessary instructions, and here I am posting my award.

This is not the first time someone presented me with an award, but it was the first time that I went through the trouble of doing what I was told to do.

It made me wonder about how sometimes students are asked to do something,  and they don’t do it maybe because they are to embarrassed to admit that they don’t know how.  Slap at the face for a semi-retired teacher like me.

I should have begun blogging a long time ago, it would have helped be a better teacher.

Now here comes the next challenge, naming seven interesting things about myself; I’ll try, but I can’t promise they’ll be interesting.

  1. Once I read a book titled, “The House of Spirits” by Isabel Allende from San Juan International Airport all the way through Miami’s Airport, during the night, until 11:00 a.m. next morning.
  2. I volunteer as a tutor for disadvantaged children;
  3. I have volunteered for the Ronald McDonald House;
  4. I saw how a person is left open after a surgery, and is vacuumed by a surgeon.
  5. I saw a real heart pumping.
  6. I saw an amazing collection of Maya art in New Haven’s Yale University.
  7. I saw Flaming June displayed in all her splendor at the Ponce Museum of Art.

I hope that’s interesting enough.

The fifteen blogs I would like to nominate would be;

  1. Source of Inspiration
  2. Chez Henriette
  3. Everyday Power Blog
  4. Bucket List

To be continued… I still need to post eleven more blogs.