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When I was in fourth grade we went on a school trip to the United Nations. I was barely ten years old, but it remains today as one of my fondest childhood memories.

As a child I wasn’t much of a talker, and was content just by looking at things and people.  I loved to make up stories about total strangers, relying on their looks.  I still do!

Blame it on my overactive imagination.

My daughter was sure to bring me photos of what I liked the best.

My daughter was sure to bring me photos of what I liked the best.

One of the things I loved the most of visiting the United Nations was the flags displayed in front of the main building. I marveled as the school bus pulled in front of the flags waving from their posts. It amazed me!

I hardly can recall what the guide told us because I was to busy looking and taking in everything I saw.

Commission on the Status of Women 2011

Commission on the Status of Women 2011

The second best thing I liked about it was where they all sat together. I just marveled at the form of the room they sat together in.

Since I had shared my memories (probably to many times with my children), my daughter made sure she was going to bring me back some pictures to match my fond memories.

On top of just being there not as a tourist, but as part of a Commission made my day.  I felt so proud of her. In my wildest dreams I would never have imagined that my daughter thirty-five years later would be in the same place I had seen in awe.

New York 2011

New York 2011

I’ve heard many times that “parents want for their children, what they would have wanted for themselves.” In this case, it’s true.  I don’t want to live my daughter’s life, but I sure got a kick out of how lucky I was because we have common interests.

My very much-loved Stephy, closed a circle in my life that day.

I have dedicated my life to raising and taking care of my family with no regrets of my sacrifices.  It’s all worthwhile, if they can go places and try to make a difference in the world,  I’ve completed my mission.

The day she returned home and shared her pictures and memories with me is one of my fondest memories of parenting this amazing young woman. Both memories remain stored in my life’s hard drive.

It doesn’t get better than that!