What The Heck!

Some people make it,  others die trying and miss on the next best thing, living.  I think Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you were to  live forever.”  This should at least inspire us along the way.

Anyhow, you think often of life’s unfairness.

What does making it mean anyway?

For some, its getting through college.  For others, it’s finding a job afterwards and making a decent life for themselves.  Now, I’ve complicated things a bit just by writing the word “decent”.

Decent is a relative word, which means roughly that it’s about what you think it is.

via Google Images

Let’s say that I own a used car and my neighbor on the other hand, has a brand new state of the art vehicle.  Here I am as I see him or her come in and out of their home, while I run around doing my errands in a used, no air condition, bad tires, bad paint job, etc. car. How does that make me feel?

I wouldn’t be honest if I’d tell you that I don’t care.

I do care, but what the heck?

The truth be told (well at least the one I can understand) is that some of us are lucky enough to land with the right opportunities.  Many people have the drive, the talent, the skills, but they don’t make it.

“Making it” meaning landing with the things we want from life.

This doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to pursue anything else.  Sometimes that “anything else” is pretty darn good as well. We become the best judges of what we think making it is all about, and the humor to it is that we don’t have a clue on how it feels.

via Google Images/ Jennifer Lopez

Let’s look at celebrities for a second. I’ll chose Jennifer Lopez, basically because she’s Puerto Rican.  Watching her reality show the other day, I discovered a few facts about her.  Nothing to transcendental, yet interesting enough to not change the channel.

She’s extremely rich, beautiful (anyone with that amount of money can be made beautiful), and talented (like so many others). Sorry, for being cynical.

Nevertheless,  I can’t imagine how she can handle the pressure of being looked upon by so many eyes.  Her life is on display 24/7, with a very high price tag called freedom.  Probably it’s worth it, how would I know anyway?

However, it does feel great just once in a while to do whatever you want with no one really caring.

So coming back, to our “anything else”.

If each one of us looks at our particular “anything else” with wide eyes open will be able to find happiness and fulfillment.  Most of us will thank our lucky star because we’re surrounded by people who love and appreciate us and help us get along, learning all we can along the way.  Gandhi surely had his stuff together!!!

You never know maybe our “anything else” is so good that we’ve “made it” without never knowing.

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