Our Daily Nuisances: What are they all about?

Sunday is the perfect day to reflect on the week ahead of us.  Please note that I’m saying absolutely nothing about the past week, unless it’s to learn something from an error or rejoice on good news,  pretty much we should forget about it.  It’s gone, done with.

It’s like when you’re on a diet, you eat your brains out for one day and remorse.  What’s the point, you already ate those hundreds of calories and sugar along the way. Your better off routing yourself towards a fresh day and trying to stay on track (I mean with the diet.).

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Coming back to Sunday,  a great question we can poise ourselves is,

Why is it always about me?

Unicef published on their site that each day 19,000 children die from preventable causes.

You could answer, so what?  It’s not my problem, or is it?

What makes me wonder is probably that we can dwell forever on something that causes us pain or suffering, but have so little to offer to others.

We have in our hands, most of the time, the solutions to our problems.  What happens (at least to me) is that we can’t come to face them making their solutions a bit harder. I would say humbly, that it’s about taking control.

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I can’t get it when anyone talks about a cold, a sore back, pain, toothache,  a headache ( Keep in mind that I’m not addressing serious medical issues, because I know first hand,  that the pain cancer patients suffer doesn’t leave space for reflection or any other thing in fact)  and immediately says,  “I have faith in God.”  What does that have to do with anything anyway?

Another one I’ve often heard and read,  “I rejoice in God even though I have this or that situation.”


A while ago I had a blister on my heel, it hurt real bad, for a second the pain darted up my leg.  As I removed the blister, I looked at how tiny it was.  Such a fuss over nuisance.

Many of us fuss over our problems the same way.

Let’s forget for a minute about ourselves and think about other people’s pains and suffering and probably our own discomfort will fade away.

Don’t you think?

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