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Yesterday I rejoiced at the fact that my almost 24-year-old daughter landed her first job after graduating from College.

Today, I dwell at the fact that she’s not coming back home this next August.

My greatest fret now in knowing that my next to graduate son will follow, and then my other will to.

I have one complete year to get used to the idea of another one of my children leaving the nest.


An empty nest on my avocado tree, I know how it feels Mrs. Birdie!!!!

As we talked on the phone last night, she said “Mom I’m so happy, I would like to hug you.”.  Well reality check, we can’t hug through a phone line.

Nevertheless, my heart did go out to her and wished her well.  Nobody said parenting was easy and now I know how hard letting go is.  Even though I was prepping myself for the moment, I thought maybe something would go wrong and she would be heading home soon.

Having your children become adults is a bitter-sweet thing, you’re happy and sad at the same time.

It’s  her time and hopefully she’ll have a great time exploring the new adventures of adulthood.  Thumbs up my dear little girl, your new life is just about to begin.