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“Faith has nothing to do with God, yet everything to do with those who surround us.”

One of the greatest things of having a blog is that you get to write about anything you want and publish it.  It becomes more than your editorial about life, it saves you tons of money in therapy when people disappoint you to the point of no return.

I’ve had few disappointments in life, basically because I don’t expect too much of people.  To the extent that, I really didn’t even have expectations about my own children.  You know like some people do, they expect their children to become nurses, doctors, lawyers, yada, yada, yada or whatever (better if it involves tons of money).

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I raised them the best I could and just let them be themselves.  At the end of the day, I think they ended up great. The thing I like the most of them is that they are my improved version and most of all their genuine, what you see is what you get.

However, today is one of those days that will mark my life forever.  Probably because I’ve suffered one of the  worst disappointments ever.

“Our religious institutions are frauds because we ourselves are frauds as well…”

Now I’m not a hush, hush person.  Probably that’s why I’ll never suffer (hopefully) a stress related heart attack.  I voice out what I feel and I really don’t care if you like it or not, it’s the way I deal with my issues.  I’m not into making a happy face and just letting go of things, I talk them over and over until I work them out of my system.  What can I say?  This is me!

Coming back to my disappointment, probably this is something I had to go through.  This way I can understand how it feels for the people on the other side of the road.  Those who don’t believe in dreams, have no faith, and to tell you the truth are a wee bit of  haters.  Now I understand them, how can I not?

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Our religious institutions are generally a fraud because we ourselves are frauds as well; some good examples would be,

we preach love to our fellow-man, but we don’t believe in second or third chances;

we preach to our poor, but for many of us MONEY is our Lord;

we preach forgiveness, yet we never forget other people’s mistakes;

we preach social justice, yet we barely do something about it, except buy  something and donate it (Wow! We are grand, aren’t we?); and,

finally we preach and we preach to those who are just like we are.  Our “brothers” and “sisters” in faith, yeah right!

Sometimes that concept doesn’t even work with people who share the same genetic material. For me, a true brother or sister will never cause you grief or sorrow (at least  not on purpose), and will ALWAYS have your well-being at hand and heart.     

Probably now I understand why some of us don’t even believe in God or anything as a matter of fact, and to tell you the truth I just can’t blame them.

Nevertheless, like always I’ll pick up the pieces of my shattered faith, glue it back together and move forward.  I can’t afford to stop believing.  My son just pointed out to me something really important, sometimes total strangers become your family and love you despite who you are and that should be enough to restore anyone’s faith.

At the end of it all, our humanity is limited by the course of nature or by any other thing that can interrupt it and we need to ask ourselves, what are legacy will be?  How will other people remember us?  What did we do in favor for others?

The best part of it all, is that we all  leave this world with absolutely nothing.  Which by the way brings a grin to my lips, it doesn’t matter how you’ve lived, how much you had or didn’t have in your bank account, how much things you accomplished or didn’t accomplish in life, at the end you will take nothing just like everyone  else. The only things that will comfort us (hopefully)  is the feeling that doing something compassionate, kind and overall generous to others brought us satisfaction and a sense of peace.

Death and birth  makes us all equal in our humanity, what better lesson than that?