Crime: A New Thread of Terrorism

Much is said about terrorism  and how it affects all of us.  Many want to link it to specific people and causes, but we’re not aware of a new thread of terrorism.  It’s called crime.  Crime is faceless, unmerciful, knows no creed, or follows no rules.

We’re up against something almost impossible to fight, because it’s wide spread all across the United States,  and the  rest of the world.



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You can say, “Well, this lady is nuts because terrorism is  not about crime, it’s about politics and people who hate the United States.”  Terrorism is more than that, it’s about being coerced into a way of life,  in this case one that  we don’t want for ourselves.  It’s about being afraid to even go out to your own front or back yard because you just don’t know who can be lurking around your house.

It’s about having to purchase a gun to protect our family, it’s about losing our faith in our government, it’s about feeling vulnerable, and most of all feeling we’re up against anybody or everybody.


Terrorism is about having to purchase a gun to protect our families..


More than a year ago, my sister-in-law suffered a home invasion.  Thank God they weren’t there, and the criminals got in and out taking with them all they could.

I was home, but not feeling well that day, so I really didn’t see or hear anything.  To top things, someone seemed to be using a weed whacker, and the noise these gadgets make is pretty deafening. So it kind of mumbled the noise they were making when they broke open her windows.


That unsettled all of us! To think that complete strangers barged into her home,  felt like a violation to her life.  Just thinking about all the things they touched or looked through, or just simply by being inside,  gave me the creeps.   We didn’t sleep much that week, just listening to the sounds of the night.  We were terrorized about someone gaining access to our home with us inside.

If that’s not terrorism, then I just don’t know what terrorism is.

Bottom line, I really don’t know what to say.   All kinds and sorts of terrorism will strike again and again, and we have no way of really protecting ourselves.  We don’t know from where or when it will through us a blow.  Because that’s how terrorism works, yet if we succumb to our fears they have won.

To some extent they’ve already accomplished their purpose, we are living in fear.


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