My husband, my kids, and basically anyone close to me knows that when I’m reading I shut off the world.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a corny pinkish romance novel (Harlequin are the best) or a best seller (I’m reading Brian Castner’s novel The Long Walk, which is by the way great!), or my favorite magazines (that can go from The Economist to Family Circle.).   Sorry I didn’t include back links (I’m still very new at this).

I preach and practice  diversity in reading.   I can find joy in anything I read, except some of the things I read in The Huffington Post.

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Making the cross from old school reading to the web, has come with its toll.  Reading for example The Huffington Post is an interactive sort of thing, you read and comment and basically react, going back and forth with people about the articles you read.  Some of them are good, others not so.  When you put yourself out there, it’s a jungle, the survival of the fittest.  You can give heat, but might as well embrace yourself because they are coming after you to hit you even harder.

I’m still not sure if I like this or not.  Reading the Post has become a guilty pleasure for me.  Sometimes I know what’s being written, is just darn bad, but I just can’t help myself from reading.  For example J. Bush was blogging about immigration and what he was saying was glossed around and not addressing the real issues that are going on, but I just kept on reading and to top it all, I even posted a comment.

Sometimes after reading around on my computer, I kind of feel that I’ll probably be going back to my books and lose myself in my world.

I don’t want to know about sequestration and how it is affecting people around the country, or about immigration, or about the new terrorist trends coming out, or about the Boston bombings, or about how schools are combat zones, or about little girls abducted and turned into sex slaves, or about any other horrible thing happening in our world today.

I just want to become a book hermit once again.

But, I don’t know if I can go back.

Not knowing sometimes may give you peace of mind, yet these events will still continue to happen and with today’s technology we have the capacity of becoming contributors, even if comes with a price tag.

Even as I debate within myself, deep down inside lies the truth of knowing that books can no longer be a safe haven because already the events that surround us are planted in our thoughts forever.  Digging my head in the sand will simply not be enough.  I took the ticket and now there is no going back.

The days where I could shut off the world are gone forever.  What’s left is only to embrace, enjoy and contribute as much as I can to a new world and enjoy reading the good and pray for those who face the bad.