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A Little Bit of Paradise

This picture was posted by Anthony Toro in his Facebook a few days ago.  He’s a friend who moved to the States some years ago.  Just by the picture you can tell how much he misses living here, but life took him elsewhere.

Sometimes I forget why I myself never left (I should have many years ago).  But just by looking at this beautiful picture I think my question has been answered.  I’m in love with this tiny spec in the Caribbean.  My love affair with her began when I was barely ten years old, and to the day it’s as strong as it will ever be.

Relocating, moving or whatever you want to call it will never be an option for me.  I can say honest to God that I Love Puerto Rico, even if I never wear one of those nasty T-shirts that say it.

Don’t you think that living in the tropics does have its perks?