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“Most people are other people.  Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions. Their lives a mimicry.  Their passions a quotation.”  Oscar Wilde

Crossing the line between knowing ourselves well and not knowing at all is a bit scary.  Nobody can say they know themselves one hundred percent.  You can say,  I know who I am, but you don’t.  Why?

Basically because life is dynamic, it’s always changing and bringing you with it along the way.   Being the worst part that nobody really knows for sure what the future will look like and like Forest Gump said, “shit happens”.

Our lives are full of these unwanted or wanted events that make us evolve, even if we don’t want to.  You can think for a moment that life is good and all of a sudden tragedy strikes and you no longer think life is that good.

You may have a job and all your financial issues in order,  and suddenly lose your job and there goes all your financial security down the drain.

You may have love in your life and be happy, and suddenly no longer love is around and there goes your emotional security.

Sorry if I’m sounding more and more pessimistic (really????) because no matter our own circumstances life is good is you concentrate on the stuff that really matter.

A great place to begin with would be finding pleasure in the small things.

A quiet afternoon in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

A quiet afternoon in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Nevertheless, it’s not that simple!  Life events make us review who we are.  Some face these events and basically remain unchanged, others (like me), need to go back and sometimes waaaaay back and asses who we’ve become.

Sometimes I look at the lives of a few around me and think, “Gee, have I had bad luck or what?”

Only a couple of years into my marriage and I had to readjust and configure a new path because of my husband’s illness.  All our plans just washed away, we couldn’t even save a penny for years, nevertheless buy a new car, or invest some of our money in our house.  Every thing was a struggle for a while.

Yet, not all was bad because we learned to appreciate the small pleasures in life. It’s so easy to let life pass you without enjoying it on your own terms.

Now a days the media even tells us how we are supposed to enjoy life.

Let’s look at the concept of vacations for a moment, television commercials tell us how before hand how our vacations should look like and that’s what we aim at when we are able to take them.  But, not necessarily everyone can afford an expensive holiday, so what can we do?

Look around and make the best of whatever we have at hand because our clocks never stop ticking.

Simply enjoy whatever opportunity we have.

If we’re forced to review who we are over and over, FINE.  It’s probably because some of us come into this world with just a peck of bad luck or misfortune.  Never and I say never think you’re less because you don’t have this or that.

Because at the end of our journey through out life  we can take nothing.

We should never let events (we can’t control) take over of who we are.

Our experiences and what we believe in make us who we are.

So my dear friends lets give ourselves a hard look inside and out and I hope you see good in your life even when “Shit happens.” because I sure do in mine and certainly will not allow myself to live through the eyes of others.