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Whoever is over 45, a bit over weight (anything over 130 lbs.), is aware of their health (maybe to the OCD point), and reads too much about the escalating numbers in heart attacks in both men and women (who hasn’t read lately about it,  after actor James Galdolfini’s  premature death) will be VERY careful about what they eat.  Don’t think for a sec that I’m talking about myself here!

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Yet once in a while when are days are crazy and our life is even crazier, a slice of good old-fashioned cheese pizza and a large soda (with tons of ice) will make us feel happier, even if our happiness is short-lived.  It’s bound to be VERY SHORT LIVED because the second after we eat the pizza and drink the soda our brain throws itself in over gear and let the counting begin.  We all become Buzz Lightyear in seconds because our remorse can and will carry us to “The infinity and beyond.”.

Even as I write about it, my thoughts return to the delicious slice of pizza and the refreshing (they tell you water is much more refreshing) glass of soda.  It just felt right!  My tummy is full and for a brief second all my thoughts were focused on the pizza.  With its melted cheese and its crispy edges.  My heart rejoiced with happiness as I crunched myself away!

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Sadly some things just have to come to an end.

So, when the evening falls,  I’ll go back to my healthy dinner and lifestyle and drag my family with me. That’s how it’s suppose to be, or so they tell me (probably there’s a conspiracy theory out there somewhere and it’s being led by all the health gurus that we have around.)!

Nevertheless, don’t forget when you’re feeling that life is giving you a beating,  give yourself a break and enjoy some good time eating!!!!  (I never write anything that rhymes, so this has to be some sort of signal.).  Bon appetite.