Through out life there are occasions where are heart just becomes heavy.  To the point, where we drag our feet and lower our heads.  These are the times when we become defeated.  Defeated by the events that stumble on us like heavy rocks.  It can feel like you have Stonehenge on top of you, squeezing all what you have inside and leaving you empty and hallow.

My mom was able to survive breast cancer about eleven or more years ago.

Today we face the possibility of cancer returning to her life.

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How do I feel about that?  Like I’ve been pushed to ground zero.  The good part though is that we don’t know our future, because if we did we would go insane.  I don’t do tomorrow!  You know like the people who over worry about things they don’t even know are going to happen.  I usually live today and let tomorrow play out and deal with it when it becomes today.  I’m not even sure you understood me, but bottom line is I try to keep it as simple as I can.

My brother keeps it even more simple.  Yesterday he gave me a new perspective on simple with just five words, “Give it to me straight.”

That’s how we should live our lives.  Straight and simple.   Dealing with the heartbreak along the way the best that we can.

We can’t help feeling defeated when our parents, or children, or someone we love deeply is ill, but we sure can keep it simple and straight.

How can we manage?

To tell you the honest truth, I don’t know.

I can’t even remember how I managed 18 years ago when Carlos was death stricken ill, or when mom was facing her treatment after being diagnosed.  Memory is an ill friend sometimes, it eludes you, hiding its face and leaving you out there in the dark.

Yet probably I did it, like I’m planning to this time around, if I have to face dealing with “the C word” ,  just one day at a time.

I’m trying to prep myself to be able to embrace whatever comes around, today more than ever I need my life motto to hold me strong.


A friend made this banner for me, thanks Hostess.

How can I deal with my heavy heart?

Welcoming it into my life for some time because the heaviness isn’t going to go away.  That heaviness will remain right where it is until the events of tomorrow become my today and I deal with whatever it is I need to deal with.

Straight and Simple, lead the way.