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Three days ago I was sent back in time!  The time where no electricity, water, or internet connections were available for the residents of this beautiful mountain, and I’m not sure I liked it.


My cooking water supply!

A land slide caused some serious damage to our power service.  Posts were down and a high tension electrical cord was on the ground.  Did I forget to mention that the company who provides us with the service is government-owned and are currently frolicking with the idea of going on strike. So, they weren’t really in a hurry to fix anything.

Probably you’re thinking right now, “Why did you say at the beginning of your post that you also had lost your water service?  Well, because we have a community based water system that’s powered by electricity.  So, after a losing it’s source of power,  our water runs out as well.

That’s the technical stuff!

Now let’s visit the nitty and gritty of this all.

I strive for simple, and you wont get simpler than living like we’ve done for the past three days. Yet as I came to terms with my temporary loss of technology and electricity (don’t forget that energy ensures our modern-day lifestyle), I modified my view on simple.


How could they do this each day, twice a day? It would have drove me nuts!

Saying my two sons were even more aggravated than I was is an understatement. Wow, no smartphones, no tablets, no computer and no internet for a couple of days.  During the night we used candles, drank chocolate and talked.  That was fantastic!  It had been a while since I’ve had them for myself (no texting, Facebook, tumbler, messenger, etc. etc. etc.). At least on this bracket I don’t have complaints.

On the other hand, talk about doing the dishes and cooking.  I began bringing water in the house from outside (where we had it in containers) to be able to do the chores around the house.  One nasty subject was dealing with bathroom issues, I didn’t want our bathroom to become a letrine so the boys would go outdoor for number one and used the toilet for other matters and then bring in water to flush it.  Is that difficult or what?

At the end of each day I was exhausted.


Using the sun to dry my towels, I should do this more often. My dryer needs a break!

To make things even worse, the folks who were working on our problem were saying that it would take at least six more days to get things done.  Whaaaaaaaaat? I was overwhelmed, we would be forced to live six more days without our commodities?  When I told my husband by phone (he was at work), he just said not to worry that he would get our generator fixed and at least I’ll have electricity,  and we would work around the water issue.  Puff! What a relief!

Than all of a sudden it hit me.  I thought about our neighbor country Haiti,  and how they were forced into even worsened living conditions after an earthquake hit them some years ago.  I thought about our own seismic history and how we also live on a fault, one of these days we’re going to have a big one.  Are we ready?  I don’t think so.

Why?  Because I’m not such a fussy person and I became super fussy as I dealt with all the situations that were going on.  Thank God I’m not at the level of my neighbor who has a high power generator basically because he doesn’t like to sleep without air conditioning at night, so you could kind of guess I heard his generator all night long for three nights in a row.  Probably now I wont be able to sleep without the blissful sound it makes each night.  I can only hope  to  never share his view on sleeping, but you know what they say “never say never”.

But there is a point where I become super fussy, and it’s with my morning cup of Joe.  For a couple of days I brewed old school way, using a cloth filter that looked more like a dirty sock.  How disgusting is that?  But actually that’s how it was done back in the day when my grandmother was around. No Mr. Coffee for her! So, if I wanted to drink coffee (believe me I did) there was no other way.  So I sucked it in and did what I needed to do.

As I write this post, sip my cup of morning coffee and think about all of what has happened I can’t shake off the feeling that we really don’t no what others suffer until we suffer a little bit to.

Actually now that I think about it, it really wasn’t such a big deal.

We were hot, aggravated, and disconnected for a while.  Yet that really isn’t anything, we ate, slept, and had enough water to survive for a couple of more days.  What about those who don’t have food, water or any time soon, electricity coming around the corner?  What about those who live in places where land slides are the word of the day and there are no Home Depots, Sams, or Sears (just to name a few) available to purchase supplies or generators or money to buy them.

What if we would depend on a National Guard helicopter to supply us with food and other things?

So many thoughts, but one remains at number one.  Our lifestyle is powered by energy, what would a world without energy become?

Finally I came to terms with the fact that I do live a quite simple life, not in a way my grandparents did (I’m not sure that doable/don’t forget about the coffee brewing), but my simple is anchored in modern-day technology and energy.

If your thinking what finally happened, we got our electricity restored last night and our water is back to normal.  My boys fled to their rooms to connect with friends, play on-line, watch their games, check U-Tube and so many other things they can’t live without and my toddler laid on the carpet as he watched his favorite cartoons. So , last night I drank my chocolate alone and read a magazine while I waited for my husband to come back from work.

Life was back to normal.