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We’ve been hearing in the news Sara’s story and to the least it’s heartbreaking.  I understand her parents for exposing their child to the media if that’s what it’s going to take to get what she needs. I myself wrote her name quickly as I heard it and pinned it on the refrigerator,  so I could include her name in my prayer group, and I’m more than sure others did to.

Having to wait for a transplant isn’t easy, now you’ll probably think, easier said than done!  But I do have some experience in that matter (we waited for two and a half years for a liver).

That sounded wrong, because it’s like you’re waiting for someone to basically die and you can get the goodies!  Well that’s not the case, actually we waited and waited and waited some more (than his number came up, it’s kind of like the lottery), until one family (God bless their generosity) gave up their son’s liver after he died in an accident and my husband was blessed enough to receive it, and the best part was that he didn’t die waiting.  Now that’s not what always happens, if it hasn’t changed about eighteen people die each day waiting for a transplant.

Now coming back to Sara, it’s outrageous that this child doesn’t even get an opportunity of competing for an organ.  You heard right, she’s competing, there are many more out there waiting for a couple of lungs too.  Hitting that number one, you’re next in line mark is very difficult, and she will not get that chance unless something changes soon.


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All of this is difficult and I more than anyone want her to be able to lead a full and active life,  but the laws that regulate organ donation are tough cookies to crumble.  They are set in stone and sometimes years have to pass (and many lives have to be lost) before changes come across the board.

Everyone (meaning politicians) are just using this as an opportunity to get under the spotlight.

Sara deserves to live, and so do many other patients that also have Cystic Fibrosis.  If you want to hear and be part of a great community of people who eat, live and breathe organ donation and transplantation feel free to visit to visit   this great community and read some amazing stories.

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I just don’t want this to become the story of the moment and then when and if Sara does get the lungs she so desperately needs, everyone will just simply forget.  I don’t want to be harsh, but for the news it’s all about ratings!    For me that’s unbearable because there are so many more just waiting like sitting ducks on a hunter’s day out having only to show for themselves a number.