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Words Will Never Be Enough

Francisco Javier (my 20-year-old son) gave me this as a gift last year before I went through a scheduled surgery. It was a reminder of our unity as a family. This message basically is our family motto, it has carried us through our lives and will continue with them as they form their own families. It is our legacy to them.

Even though they were very young when their dad went through his liver transplant they are very aware and grateful of the anonymous family that gave their dad a second chance.

Tomorrow as his 18th liver transplant anniversary comes around all we can say is thank you and God bless all donors. We tribute  those who today can donate and continue to live full and healthy lives and also to the families of those who no longer are with us.

Words will never be enough to express our gratitude and probably never will be, yet our hearts burst with joy because of all the years we have been able to be happy together.  We have overcome all differences, struggles and remained one. Carlos, myself and our three +1!

Our joy will never be complete because someone will always be waiting, but I believe people will donate when the time comes around and in the meantime believing that better times will come will pull them through.