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Recently my daughter was a key player organizing  a march that was held in Tucson, Arizona about immigration laws and how they are affecting the lives of a wide range of people (not aliens) who are part of the Tucson community. 

In the early morning,  before the march began her pasto came over to reassure and pray for her. 

She asked our good Lord to bless, protect and guide her throughout the day.


Yet not only did she receive the blessing of someone who shared her same faith, but also from an unexpected  member of the community.

The local Nahua spiritual leader.

He came over to the premises of the Southside  Presbyterian Church  to implore guidance and protection not only for her, but for those who participated in it.

She told me how they had called upon the Universe and showered her with incense that would help her win the war. Which was basically symbolic.  She participated in their rituals which included her face being painted as a warrior woman.

She later told me that for  brief second she felt part of these amazing people, even when she is far away from being so.

She shares her Hispanic heritage because she was born in the Caribbean, but is far from their struggles with immigration restrictions because she’s an American citizen by birth right.

She has made it her business to help them in the challenges they face.

They  fight against a system that hurts and condemns immigrants to living conditions that should bring shame to  a country that was born from immigrants.

Even though I don’t know Chucho or anyone from this community personally, in a sense it seems I do.

Bottom line, Tlaoamatli (which means thank you) for wanting to protect the well-being of my child.   Words fail to  express how grateful I feel for your gesture.

The Nahua taught me a lesson with their openness and candor that we as Christians fail to reciprocate.

Why isn’t it possible for all people to come together crossing the bridges that separate us and moving forward in creating a better world. Our country is full of churches, temples, synagogues, and so many other buildings where people gather to worship their own deities, but we are so far away from spirituality and good.

Maybe we do need to call the power of nature from the four corners of our Earth and ask our dear Lord to help us get over ourselves and then and only then will we  be able to appreciate our diversity and rejoice as we build a better today, so tomorrow the Nahua , Christian, Islamic or Jew children (just to mention a few)  enjoy a better place to live.  By doing this we are all contributing in creating a little piece of heaven here in this troubled Earth that we call home.

So my dear “amigos”, never ever stop believing in the good of humanity or in yourself. If we pay enough attention we are up for a surprise or two.

“Hasta la próxima” and Tlaoamatli for taking a moment to read my blog.